Matt Koshmrl, Director

Matthew is an award-winning filmmaker and cinematographer with an MFA from the University of Texas at Austin. In 2016 he received the Antarctic Service Medal from the United States congress when he was  commissioned by the National Science Foundation to travel to the Antarctic Peninsula to film a paleontological expedition. He currently has a documentary screening at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History about the evolution of dinosaurs in Antarctica and the paleontological process in extreme climates. Matthew focuses on documentary films that explore the evolution of tradition, individual and national identity, and unseen processes. He is currently finishing his feature documentary film, Dokdo: Lone Island which covers the disputed sovereignty over Dokdo, an island that has been one of the greatest points of contention between South Korea and Japan since the end of WWII.

Christina Sun Kim Head Shot.jpg

Christina Sun Kim, Editor

Moving across the world at a young age and never having a permanent home inspired her to want to connect people as a visual storyteller. While studying at University of Texas at Austin, Christina directed a short documentary, Dreams in All Sizes, which aired nationally on the Documentary Channel. She then solidified her passion as a storyteller while editing Tattooed Under Fire, a PBS documentary about Iraq veterans and their emotional scars. Christina is now based in Los Angeles and has earned her MFA in film production from the University of California, Los Angeles. In 2014, she was one of six fellows to direct a short with Film Independent's Project Involve.

Juan Pablo González, Director of Photography

Named one of the Filmmaker Magazine’s “25 New Faces of Independent Film” for 2015, Juan Pablo González is a Mexican filmmaker whose work has screened at Cannes, Rotterdam, IDFA, the Lincoln Center of New York, the Mexico City Cinematheque, Habana, Ambulante, among others. He has been a grantee of the Mexican National Fund for Culture and Arts (FONCA) and the Sundance Institute. He currently teaches in the Film Directing Program at the California Institute of the Arts.

Juan Pablo's practice spans between fiction and non-fiction cinema. His work is primarily set in Atotonilco el Alto, the town where he grew up in rural Mexico. Juan Pablo is concerned with representations of the rural, drug violence, immigration and the intersection between urban and country life in different communities around the Jalisco Highlands. His works reflects deeply on the mutability of memory and its trace across the spaces we inhabit.